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Natural Beauty offers a variety of services including skin rejuvenation, waxing, semi-permanent cosmetics, lash & brow tinting, medical tattooing, scar camouflaging, areola reconstruction, Body Slimming & Skin Tightening Ultrasonic Cavitation, Omnilux light therapy, massage and massage with reflexology & special occasion make-up application. Please choose a category from the left of the page to view more information and pricing on the services that we offer.

Permanent Makeup Procedures

Eyebrow Set

Imagine how much easier life would be if you didn’t have to fuss over your eyebrows every day. Many women struggle daily to try and get the right shaped eyebrow for their face. It can be very difficult to apply your own eyebrows symmetrically and also to get the right color. Permanent cosmetics offer a very natural looking alternative to the harsh penciled on look. Eyebrows can be done with your choice of either hair strokes or a solid color. Our colors are custom mixed for each individual and range from a light blonde to a deep brunette.

Eyebrow Enhancement benefits people with
  • Sparse eyebrow hair
  • No eyebrows
  • Uneven eyebrows
  • Eyebrows missing the inner or outer half
  • Scars in the eyebrow
  • Desire to give the eyes a more open appearance
  • Hair loss from alopecia
  • Hair loss from thyroid disorders
  • Hair loss before or after chemotherapy
  • Macular degeneration or blindness
  • Difficulty applying makeup due to unsteady hands or poor vision


Price By Consultation

Skin Needling

Pricing by Consultation
Fine lines and wrinkles

Eyeliner (upper or lower)

$200 - Your choice of either upper or lower lash line.

Permanent Eyeliner benefits people with:
•Sparse eyelashes
•No eyelashes
•Scars on the eyelids
•Desire to give the eyes a more open appearance
•Desire to define the eye
•Hair loss from alopecia
•Hair loss before or after chemotherapy treatment
•Hair loss from thyroid problems
•Macular degeneration or blindness
•Difficulty applying makeup due to poor vision or unsteady hands
•Desire to have a natural looking lash enhancement

Eyeliner Set

$375 - Includes Upper & Lower Lash Line

Defining the eye is an essential part of looking your best. If you have experienced dark circles under your eyes from your eyeliner running or smudging throughout the day, then permanent eyeliner is a great option for you. Always natural looking, the eyeliner is placed right into the lash line to make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller. Your technician can help suggest what color would look best and how thick or thin you should have it applied. It can be applied to the full eye, half of the eye, or just on the corners of the eye. Colors are custom mixed for each individual and include beautiful shades of blacks, browns, blues, greens, and greys.



Full Lip Color


Permanent Lip Color benefits people with

  • Pale lips
  • Unevenly shaped lips
  • Scars on the lips (such as cleft palette)
  • Desire to make lips look fuller
  • Desire to take away from fine lines around mouth area
  • Desire to achieve natural looking lip color
  • Difficulty applying makeup due to poor vision or unsteady hands
  • Problems with lipstick that smears or wears off quickly

Many women feel uncomfortable about how their lips look without lipstick or lip liner. Permanent lip color or lip liner can deepen your natural lip color, define your lips, add fullness, and correct imperfections. Permanent lip color is much softer than most people think. It makes your lips look prettier, younger, and extremely natural. As we age, the lips tend to look smaller, mainly because the color around the outer half of the lips or the entire lip becomes faded. Permanent lip color can replace what age has taken away. Colors choices are endless and are custom mixed for each client. You can even bring in your favorite lipstick or lip liner and we can match it.

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