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Natural Beauty offers a variety of services including skin rejuvenation, waxing, semi-permanent cosmetics, lash & brow tinting, medical tattooing, scar camouflaging, areola reconstruction, Body Slimming & Skin Tightening Ultrasonic Cavitation, Omnilux light therapy, massage and massage with reflexology & special occasion make-up application. Please choose a category from the left of the page to view more information and pricing on the services that we offer.

Ultrasonic Cavitation - Body Slimming

Body Slimming & Skin Tightening Treatments! Ultrasonic Cavitation machines offer treatments designed to destroy fat cells in the subcutaneous epidermal layer through Ultrasonic sound waves and Radio Frequency. This technology tightens & tones the skin reducing sagging, wrinkles and the appearance of cellulite.

Body Slimming & Skin Tightening

Body Slimming - 6 Treatments for $1,500.

Face Treatments - 4 Treatments for $1,000.

Ultrasound Cavitation is a safe, comfortable and non-invasive procedure with virtually no side effects. It does not require anesthesia, leaves no scars and does not require any post treatment. The ultrasound energy is designed to target the fatty tissues beneath the skin only, and does not affect the blood vessels, nerves or connective tissues.

Treat all body parts ~ Chin, upper arm, abdomen, thighs, even the face or any area with fat pockets or that need's that extra lift.

Results ~ Immediate, inch loss can be seen immediately following each session.

Pain Free ~ There is no pain, the sessions feel like a warm massage. "Who doesn't enjoy a massage?"

Treat All Skin Types ~ This treatment is safe for all skin types.

No Downtime ~ Come in at lunchtime and go back to work, in fact we encourage activity and walking immediately following the session.

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Our Policy:

All services are by appointment only. If you need to cancel an appointment we appreciate at least 24 hours notice.